My Art

I create medium to large abstract paintings using acrylic on canvas. The acrylic paint is diluted and poured or splashed onto the canvas. The paint stains are processed by adding water or using a fan to move them on the canvas. My work has an abstract content which allows me to conduct my inner emotional experience without the need for an external topic. The paintings are characterized by strong movement and intuitive flow and range from strong colored to dark backgrounds reminiscent of outer space. The inspiration for the paintings comes from introspection into my private world, where the subjects are personal, but allows anyone to connect with the sensation that the painting conducts to the viewer and to ponder of fundamental philosophical questions that arise from it.

In the series "Circles" the I explore the subject of the "whole" by breaking down the concepts of color, shape and line and reassembling them again. The circular shape that symbolizes the "Whole" appears my works as lines forming a circular shape painted on a few canvases that breaks it apart but still looks whole when assembled, or as hole in a color stain upon the background, that symbolize a passage penetrating between layers as between worlds. In other works in the series, the circle shape appears as a sphere reminding a portal to another world or as big circle verses small, one verses cluster of circlers - to symbolize interactions between "wholes".

Exploring the concept of the "Whole" through visual dismantling games began as a cooping tool for a personal confrontation in the face of a not-so-simple background story of immigration from Ukraine to Israel after a serious loss that dismantled the family and adolescence as an immigrant daughter bridging the worlds. My subjects are very personal, however the final work is balanced and allows to raise a general philosophical question about the "whole" in the face of the "dismantled" and the connections between those two concepts.

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