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I have been painting since I can remember myself.  While graduating BA in art history and Ben Gurion University I also studied classic oil painting with Ariel Assau. While studying art history and analyzing many of Kandinsky's, Pollock and Van Gogh's works, the theme of expressing emotion and feeling  through color and form, balanced texture and movement, fascinated me, so I began to explore it through acrylic painting on canvas.

The creative process is never planned. The medium I use is acrylic which dries quickly and is very accessible for instant painting. The paint gets mixed on the canvas during the painting process other materials added to express the direction of movement a.

The choice of colors always reflects a certain mood, feeling or emotion and there begins the creative process that attempts to get the colored stain into some movement, moving it on the canvas, sometimes physically and sometimes through contrasts of colors and textures

The painting process explores the basic experience, a primary conflict of emotions and in its formation before its definition with words. However, there is an attempt to confine it within the canvas frame, which contains and restricts the outburst of drama that occurs on it and only so it is becomes observable for the viewer and able to be analyzed.

My works conducts to the viewer a clear and immediate sense of the subject painted which casted into it during the process of painting. Only after completion of the work and in-depth reflection arise the question that allows meditative contemplation and reflection on the message it is expressing.

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